Knox County Schools pushing Liberal Agenda upon Elementary Kids and calling inner city kids “Ghetto”


I have Received E-mail back from Knox County Schools and it came from Clifford Davis Chief of Staff of Knox County Schools. It was sent to acting Superintendent of Knox County Schools Buzz Thomas  obviously this matter and Psychological abuse endured by these kids and School System is below him.  Now let me say this if I was acting head of a school system and this was brought to my attention then I would not pass it down the chain.  I would be all over it in a heartbeat.  Instead of any sanctions I will tell you how this will go down with them covering this up.  Mr Ross will be given a verbal Address or Written if they are smart and that will be it. 

There is another scenario that can go down and I have seen this with a tenured Principal and they moved him uptown with a great bump in a pay raise.  We need to make Knox County Schools and their faculty and staff accountable. 

Unlike the bus driver that sat there didn’t help the student that got attacked from behind. They left her with her job and no punishment for this Driver. It is reported that she wanted the fight to happen by saying that she didn’t want a pansy fight that she wanted to see punches thrown. How can we say our kids are safe within Knox County Schools when they don’t punish the adults that let our kids get hurt. Here is the E-mail that took them 4 days to get back with me on.  I will respond back with a link to this article.  



Buzz Thomas

(865) 594-1620

And let Buzz Thomas know this isn’t acceptable for our children

I have been Receiving Numerous Complaints from Parents that Mr. Ross an alleged educator with Maynard Elementary in Knoxville, TN has made numerous inflammatory Statements about the Kids of this inner city school. Mr. Ross is telling kids at Ridgebrook apartments that they are nothing but “Ghetto” and that’s all they will be. This kind of Statement really angers me.  I am a firm believer that if anyone works hard then,  they can truly achieve what they want. 

Mr. Ross also uses intimidation to keep these kids from speaking up. All the kids I spoke with said that Mr.  Ross will tell other teachers lies on these kids so they will be in trouble.  Really this is the Kind of teacher Knox County schools hires?

Mr.  Ross is a staunch Liberal that pushes his liberal agenda including telling kids in his class that President Donald Trump is an orange person that is sending black people to Africa and is on a solo mission to get rid of black people.  Mr.  Ross does not need to be bringing his politics into the classroom. It is my opinion that Knox County Schools needs to terminate his employment and the state needs to pull his teaching license. 

Below is my E-Mail sent today to Acting School Superintendent Buzz Thomas. 

I am getting several reports from Parents at Maynard Elementary School that one of your teachers is pushing his Liberal Agenda upon his Students including calling our President an Orange person.  The Complaints I have received also refers to Mr. Ross and saying kids in the “Ghetto” have no chance in life and will always be Ghetto.  It is Knox County Schools Policy to put down inner city kids and make them not feel like they can achieve great things in life which they can!

Does Knox County Schools support one political party over another? Does Knox County Schools support these Violent Protest? This behavior from Mr. Ross is the type of Behavior that has created these Violent Protest. A School is a place for Education and not a Place for political Agendas.  Please Correct this issue so our readers can see how Knox County schools reacts to this behavior by a “Trusted” Educator.  

We request that you do more than just “Talk” with him.  We want him suspended without pay for failure to perform his Job Duties.  I will put this E-mail plus any response I get from you in my article even though I am sure that you won’t respond as you haven’t responded to parents pleas for help and like Maynard Elementary has ignored parents pleas. 


Fenix Foundation 

I guarantee I won’t get a reply but if I do I will update here

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