TennCare and Southeast Trans messing with the Poor

I have been getting numerous Complaints about TennCare and Southeast Trans screwing over the poor that can’t afford automobiles. The Report I got was rides not being scheduled even though the person calls during the allotted time which is 72 hours.  Now Southeast Trans out of Georgia is the Contractor for TennCare. My first question since TennCare is part of the State Government why are they outsourcing this to an out of State Agency? They could do this in state and put Tennesseans to work. 

They biggest issue like I said is the Fact that the poor which need this service is required a 72 hour notice to schedule the rides. Some do a week in advance which is more than 72 hour in advance and their Ride don’t show up, show up a day before or even show up day late. This is unacceptable they are being paid by Tax Payers and they (Southeast Trans) gets paid no matter what now Southeast Trans actually subcontract out their work. When Southeast Trans is called they Blame TennCare and when you call TennCare they blame Southeast Trans. This is a failure on both ends with no oversight. 

I sat in with a lady today that called into Southeast Trans today. She called in 71 hours before her appointment and spoke with Michelle at Southeast Trans and Michelle said because this lady called in 1 hour past the 72 hour mark.  Really,  are we splitting hairs this much?

Michelle with Southeast Trans said TennCare is sticking to the 72 hour Rule and this lady won’t get her ride! I find this as a Taxpayer unacceptable. 


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