DeRay McKesson a black supremacist that works for Twitter and has ordered the Assassination of President Elect Donald Trump!

As you can see Black Supremacist McKesson provides support for Twitter.  Is this the Type of “Man” that twitter wants to promote? Does Twitter want to kill the President Elect?

I do not understand why the DOJ doesn’t have this “man” in Jail. If it was me or you making the same threat against Mr.  Obama we would be under the Jail.  We demand equal protection of the law. 

The reason he keeps talking about race is because it’s the only thing that makes him relevant like Jesse Jackson and that other douchebag that promotes violence at otherwise peaceful protests. 

Retweets what Black Supremacist RP Schwartz tweets out you know brothers in arms etc. Or are they saying Blackness don’t work I don’t know these racist confuse me its 2017 not 1917 but hey racism wasn’t right then either. 

Along with Black Supremacist Lip Spelling. Black Supremacist McKesson supports the overthrow of the United States Government contact the DOJ and demand that they arrest Black Supremacist McKesson. 


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